Water Resources Development Act of 2018

By now most of us have heard that the US Senate passed the Water Resources Development Act of 2018 (WRDA) last Wednesday. The vote was an overwhelming 99 to 1, and the bill awaits presidential signature. Cleaning our water supply, restoring the Everglades, and reducing toxic discharges are painfully obvious objectives and beneficial to most Floridians and the American people. Bipartisan lawmakers have agreed on a virtual no brainer regardless of other issues or party politics.

This has been a key objective of Now or Neverglades since inception, but what does it really mean? It means that the physical reservoir project has been approved and while this is an increase in inertia for the Now or Neverglades movement, we need to redouble our efforts through the funding phase and implementation.

This reinforces the importance of the elections just a few weeks away. If voters support candidates committed to our goal and continue to hold them accountable during their tenures, we may be able to return to sanity in managing Florida’s water for the health, economy and quality of life for Floridians and our tourists.

I have been inundated with inquiries on who to vote for after each recent newsletter. Now or Neverglades is a coalition of over 80,000 like-minded individuals and organizations who believe the Everglades Agricultural Area southern storage project is at the heart of restoration. Many of our dozen founding members are 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations who are authorized to inform and educate on issues but not authorized to advocate. Please take advantage of the wealth of information they provide on their websites and social media pages: BTT, Captains for Clean Water, Everglades Foundation, Herman Lucerne Memorial and IGFA.

On the other hand, several of our founding members are 501(c)4 nonprofit organizations, who are authorized and do advocate for candidates they believe will best represent us as we move forward. If you are interested in those voter guides, please visit Bullsugar.org, Florida Bay Forever and the Everglades Trust, as they make no bones about who they feel will best represent Now or Neverglades objectives.

You have my deepest appreciation for continued support of the Now or Neverglades movement.