EAA Reservoir Moves Forward

A few weeks ago, the White House backed the EAA reservoir. We are grateful to everyone who made their voices heard. While funding is expected to be included as part of America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018, the request for funding still needs to be approved by the U.S. Senate.

Late last week, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would slow the discharges from Lake Okeechobee that have been causing the eruption of harmful blue-green algae in the surrounding waterways. Fish and animals have been dying, people are getting sick, and businesses like Florida Sportsman have had to temporarily close their offices for fear of the impact the algae is having on their employees’ health.

What is happening in Florida is tragic. We must continue to work urgently on solutions to this crisis that put the people and businesses of South Florida and our precious ecosystem first. The right choices in the 2018 elections will determine if implementation continues.

On behalf of the Now or Neverglades coalition, thank you for your continued action and support of our efforts.