Trouble Is Brewing Again In South Florida

We saw the horrifying images last year – blue-green algae, brown water, dead fish and animals. Trouble is brewing again in South Florida as Lake Okeechobee releases resumed, sending polluted and nutrient-rich water cascading into the surrounding estuaries.

It’s supposed to rain frogs during the rainy season in Florida! Until a dynamic southern storage reservior and River of Grass flows to Florida Bay are complete, there will be no curing the problems for Okeechobee, the Caloosahatchee, St. Lucie and Florida Bay.

Governor Scott has called for the important step of expediting Herbert Hoover Dike repair. Now Scott and the rest of our legislature needs to step up and implement an appropriate-sized reservoir in a timely manner – a crucial step to restoring historic water flows and helping fix South Florida’s water.

Time is running out. It’s Now or Neverglades!