Hurricane Irma

Mother nature intended Florida Bay and the Everglades to receive about 1/3 of its annual fresh water from tropical rains during the wet season. Well, we all know mother nature has fulfilled her mission this year through Irma at great cost and suffering to hundreds of thousands of Floridians. Our first concern is of course easing the pain for our friends impacted by this devastating event. I have been receiving hundreds of inquiries from supporters on how they can help with recovery.

Some of the strongest advocates of Now or Neverglades have been those connected with the fishing, boating and tourism industry. They have also been some of the most severely impacted by Irma, especially in areas where their livelihoods depend on visiting tourists.

The Herman Lucerne Memorial – a founding member of the Now or Neverglades Declaration – has started a Hurricane Irma relief fund, directing funds to help the many affected businesses and guides in the Florida Keys that have been supportive of their tournament fundraising efforts in the past. As one of the hardest hit areas and one that is heavily reliant on the tourism and fishing industry, the Florida Keys are in serious need of support now.

For almost 40 years, the Guides Trust Foundation has provided assistance to South Florida and Keys fishing guides and their families in time of need. Florida Keys guides have been some of the most outspoken proponents of Everglades restoration. Some have lost their boats and homes and all have had their businesses affected by the storm. Both organizations have little or no administrative costs and know the players intimately to insure the funds will have the greatest impact do many individuals.

Despite the ravages from Irma, this is no time to drop the ball on our mission of implementing SB10 which will create a dynamic water storage reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee with filtration marshes to allow additional water to the Everglades and Florida Bay. This will also greatly relieve the devastating discharges currently destroying the Caloosahatchee and St Lucie estuaries. Three estuaries needing one common sense and scientifically agreed solution.

Army Corps of Engineers Committed To Expediting SB 10

This is BIG news! Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that that they are committed to expediting SB 10 and the building of the reservoir outlined in the bill. This is an important step forward in the process of helping to restore the Everglades and surrounding waterways.

In other important news, a TCPalm investigation into hundreds of emails they obtained from the South Florida Water Management District showed that the SFWMD was on the verge of tightening agricultural pollution regulations in 2014 before letting a sugar lobbyist dictate edits that resulted in substantially weaker regulations. It is a reminder that there are still strong forces working to oppose forward progress on Everglades restoration. Signing the Now or Neverglades Declaration is the best way to show that you stand with the people advocating for common sense solutions to Florida’s devastating water issues.