ICAST/IFTD Show In Orlando

Last week, the fishing industry gathered at the annual ICAST/IFTD show in Orlando, a fitting location since Florida has the largest fishing industry in the country. Also in attendance were representatives from the Now or Neverglades founding partners as well as Senator Joe Negron, who was primarily responsible for SB 10.

The show further affirmed enthusiasm for Now or Neverglades from the fishing world, with many more industry leaders signing the declaration and pledging support. The fishing industry recognizes that building the reservoir and completing the other critical Everglades restoration projects is key to both their businesses and way of life.

Meanwhile, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) is threatening to stop cooperating with the team of scientists that advises Congress about Everglades issues. As we await the outcome of the reservoir and many other Everglades restoration projects, this is a concerning development, but we are hopeful that the unity of the companies and individuals affected by the challenges in the Everglades will help continue the push forward to save this national treasure.